Radio Splode 85: Wii U bombing and Reggie gardening

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Team Splode is finally back! This week, we’re talking Wii U’s poor sales, the end of SwapNote as we know it, Mario online, Rare’s Kinect problem, SEGA remakes, Reggie’s love of Animal Crossing, and the theoretical return of the Nintendo World Championships.

For those consuming Radio Splode in video form, here are this week’s various topics and when they come up:

Wii U’s dire Q2 2013 – 1:39
Iwata’s not too worried – 2:26
End of SwapNote SpotPass – 8:13
Mario Online? – 11:23
Rare’s Kinect problem – 14:40
Future SEGA remakes – 17:46
Reggie loves Animal Crossing – 20:06
Nintendo World Championships – 22:06

Great summary of cancelled Rare games here.