Here’s a news story I’m embarrassingly late on.

January 18th saw the internet come together for a brief moment of solidarity in the face of utter destruction.

In protest of SOPA and PIPA, two “anti piracy” bills that had been working their ways through the American congress, websites the internet over went dark. Some of the biggest hitters, including English Wikipedia and Reddit, swapped out their usual content for information regarding the subject, which would have left sites that rely on user created content drowning in lawsuits just waiting to happen.

Websites run by the lazier, but no less angry, remained online.

Of course, just because SOPA and PIPA are dead doesn’t mean that the internet can rest easy. The establishment never stops, and there’s no doubt similar bills will rise from the graves of these ones to wreak havoc on personal freedom in the name of corporate greed.

Many of your favourite game companies were kinda mostly in favour of the bills

Source: arstechnica

The internet finally wins one: SOPA and PIPA dead