Chibi-Robo! Review – Definitive 50 GameCube Game #46

The series so far: The Definitive 50 GameCube Games.

The box for this game declares “Plug Into Adventure!” and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you play Chibi-Robo!

In this title, you take on the role of a tiny silver robot who has to run around performing chores and making his host family, the Sandersons, happy.

You soon discover that this “typical” family has quite a few problems. The dad is spend-happy and unemployed, the mom’s losing her mind, and the daughter is out of touch with reality.

Throughout your work as the master of chores, you need to build up Happy Points by doing little things that improve life for your owners. Doing so boosts your rank, and that’s important, because who doesn’t want to achieve the status of “Super Chibi-Robo”?

Work includes scrubbing paw marks off the floor, picking up trash, and helping out both the human and living-toy inhabitants of the Sanderson household.

This probably goes without saying, but Chibi-Robo! is one unique game. Let’s face it, plenty of titles are built on performing bland, repetitive tasks, but few dare advertise that fact.

Chibi-Robo! is an action-adventure game about the small things in life, and how they can make a big difference. Rather than battling orcs, you’ll slay trash, and instead of climbing mountains, you’ll climb kitchen tables. Still, there is definitely a noble quest, and an intrepid hero.

All of this serves to give this game some incredible charm. Chibi-Robo! takes numerous small moments and turns them into meaningful narrative.