Live-Action Plot: The episode begins with the Marios practicing basketball moves with their old pal, the sewer-dwelling Edison, ahead of a much anticipated jam session with the Magic Johnson. Eventually, the great baller appears, but only inside the brothers’ medicine cabinet. He’s not there to shut up and jam, either, he wants to show off his magic tricks. The sneaker-y involved in making it appear as though Magic actually turned up, rather than shoot his spot off-location is immense. At one point, Luigi ends up inside Magic’s mirror, but forces the mighty baller out, with the exception of an arm, somebody’s arm, anyway.

Very Special Guest: Despite the raw amateurishness of having a guest appearance from someone who couldn’t actually be bothered to show up, I have to admit I’m relieve to see an actual celebrity appear on the show. At the time this episode was shot, Magic would have “only” been one of the best players in the NBA. Now he’s an NBA Hall of Famer, HIV spokesperson, Olympic Gold Medalist, and regarded as one of the best basketball players to ever live.

Animated Plot: We’re thankfully back to another Zelda episode with “Cold Spells.” This time, Zelda has recruited Link into some spring cleaning, which he quickly gets out of by pretending to have a cold. During her work, Zelda is attacked by an evil bird sent by Ganon. She easily takes care of the threat by stuffing its head into Link’s offensively odoured dirty laundry, but it’s enough to put our heroes on alert.

Rightfully so, too, as Ganon swings by the overworld following this initial skirmish to see what hijinks he can get up to. Ganon sneakily blasts the fairy, Sprite, with a spell which turns her own magic against her. Sprite’s spring cleaning chores are suddenly a dangerous assault, one which distracts Link and Zelda from protecting the Triforce of Wisdom long enough for Ganon to nab it.

Don’t worry, the trio of heroes in this show eventually get the Triforce back, but not before Zelda blames Link for putting the kingdom in danger in the first place by not adequately guarding the great triangle. Of course, the princess fails to see her own negligence in leaving the entire castle’s security in the hands of a single person.

Horrible Stereotype Alert: Once again, with so little Mario in this episode, there is very little in the way of fat and/or Italian jokes. That’s not to say the episode is inoffensive. Zelda’s ignorance and arrogance should leave any Link fans aghast.

1×10 Magic’s Magic/Cold Spells – Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Episode Guide