I had originally planned to pound through my Super Show DVDs for this feature before doubling back to cover the Zelda episodes, but I have reconsidered, and will now strictly follow IMDb’s Super Show episode list, covering Zelda episodes as they come.

Live-Action Plot: Mario and Luigi find themselves in a serious pickle when slime ghosts take over the office/apartment/shop. Luckily, the brothers know just who to call, Slime Busters! Ghost hunter extraordinaire Ernie Hudson shows up and quickly takes care of the pesky haunting by zapping it with something decidedly not a Proton Pack.

Very Special Guest: This episode stars legendary Ghostbuster Ernie “Winston Zeddemore” Hudson. I trust I don’t have to go into much detail about this guy. He is, after all, a living legend, as opposed to some obscure wrestler or baseball player, as this show’s “special guests” often are.

Animated Plot: Day of days, we’ve finally arrived at a Zelda episode. In “The Ringer,” Ganon decides to attend an amateur magic show being judged by Princess Zelda masquerading as, well, an amateur. Refusing to suffer for his art, Ganon arrives at the contest in a litter carried by four Stalfos, but no one expresses suspicion. Ganon goes on to transform a small lizard into a rampaging dragon, which distracts Link from guarding the Triforce of Wisdom long enough for it to be stolen. Of course, Ganon’s a massive pig being, and four skeletons can’t carry him fast enough to get away. Link and Zelda catch up to the bestial menace in time to recover the Triforce from him, and save Hyrule once more.

Horrible Stereotype Alert: I can’t claim this episode includes any (other than the continuing existence of Mario and Luigi), probably because the Zelda cartoon takes up most of the show. If you’re looking for raw shock value, I will point you to Link whistling at a morning-wear clad Zelda, a three inch fairy lusting after Link, and Zelda exclaiming “wonderful, it’s getting bigger” at some point.

1×05 Slime Busters/The Ringer – Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Episode Guide