Final Fantasy Agni's Philosophy

Image: Agni's Philosophy. Square Enix.

Years of fan begging and whining following the Final Fantasy VII PS3 tech demo have not deterred Square Enix from releasing another next-gen hopes and dreams video.

SE held a closed-door meeting at E3 this year to show off this real-time tech demo, called “Agni’s Philosophy,” meant to illustrate the company’s next-gen graphical goals with its new Luminous engine.

Things might not be as torturous next generation as they have been for this one, however. Square Enix is circulating this survey to collect feedback regarding the demo. With questions like “Did you feel that Agni (the heroine) was an attractive or appealing character?,” a game based on the video seems like a real possibility.

As always, no word on which Final Fantasy this could turn into. Fans won’t let go of the idea of changing Final Fantasy Versus XIII‘s title to FFXV, but the game is a no-show at E3 2012.

Source: NeoGAF

Square Enix torturing fans again with next-gen Final Fantasy tech demo