Let’s Play Super Mario Maker, Part 2

We’re back with another round of Mario Maker! This time featuring viewer submitted levels! Ignore the occasional video/audio issues!

The Under – E5DE-0000-0084-A6AD
Mushroom Kingdom Asylum – 6EE5-0000-006E-C0C3
Conquer – CD12-0000-0085-82D4

FUTUREDAYS / evilmanimani:
Can You Dig It? – 548C-0000-0054-AA1C
Space Is The Place – BDB7-0000-0043-36DB
Olimar’s Pikmin Adventure – 45ED-0000-0035-ACB8

Candid Gamerah:
O look, a treasure! – 0A72-0000-005F-B21E
Self Rescuing Princess. – 9246-0000-0067-AB0E
Take em’ to the cleaners! – 6527-0000-00E3-D1DF

Forest-3 (with checkpoint) – CF3D-0000-00D8-B765