Image: Monopoly Street Fighter box art. Capcom/USAopoly.

Prepare for the hundred-dollar hand slap. Capcom is teaming up with USAopoly to give the world the gift of Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector’s Edition.

Rather than high punches and low kicks, Ryu and team will compete for glory by buying property and then charging exorbitant prices for people to visit it.

Of course, not all of the world’s greatest fighters can be invited to the monetary mayhem, so Capcom is running a poll to allow fans to decide who should compete in pewter figure form. Twelve classic characters are in the running, but only six will be accepted.

Unfortunately, my great-gutted man crush, E. Honda, is no where near the top half of the pack.

Street Fighter Monopoly joins other totally necessary video-game-to-board-game conversions Halo Wars RISK, Donkey Kong Jenga, and Metal Gear Solid RISK.

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