Nintendo Wii U

Image: Wii U. Nintendo

IdeaMan over on NeoGAF is rapidly becoming a legend. The master leaker, if he is to be believed, has all kinds of Wii U hardware knowledge, and is sharing it with the good people of the internet.

According to the poster, the games he’s seen third parties working on are pushing 360ish and better graphics to the TV at 720p resolution and similarly complex elements to the Wii U’s tablet controller at 480p. Remember, many third party games already fail to even reach 720p on the 360 and PS3.

This indeed bodes well for those concerned with Wii U’s graphical capabilities. Earlier reports that Nintendo’s new system would only be capable of 360ish graphics may not have been entirely false, but simply lacked context.

Should developers choose to focus the Wii U’s power on what it outputs to the TV, and give the controller screen only simple things like maps and menus, Wii U games could prove to be significantly prettier than current gen rivals.

Rumour: Wii U can handle 360ish graphics on TV and pad simultaneously