Image: By Evan-Amos (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to crazy town. For the first time since Microsoft blitzed its way into the game industry two console cycles ago, there might just be a new, serious, contender in the home console space.

A couple days ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly took a trip to visit Gabe “Gaben” Newell and crew at Valve’s Bellevue headquarters, and there might have been very good reason for it.

Apple is supposedly working on a touch and voice-command super TV to be joined by a similalry controlled video game system running Steam.

Rumours of a Valve box have circulated before, but Gaben himself has stated that he would prefer to leave hardware up to the experts. Valve’s Steam, meanwhile could provide the (non-casual) games for an Apple device.

Of course, Apple loves to make money on hardware, and video game consoles have traditionally been a rather poor source of income. If this becomes a reality, prepare to pay a gargantuan Apple tax on it.

Source: Cult of Mac

RUMOUR: Apple developing Steam-equipped console