Image: Ubisoft.

Rayman has another 2D sidescroller coming out, this one destined for Wii U at least, but probably other systems as well. As with so much of what comes from or through Ubisoft, a trailer for the game has actually leaked, and it provides a few Wii U answers, but prompts plenty of questions as well.

First off, just watch the Rayman Legends trailer.

What this shows us:

  • This game is gorgeous, deal with it Wii U naysayers.
  • Near field communication, it’s real.
  • The Wii U name is likely sticking around.

What I’m even more confused about:

  • What is that cable coming out of the Wii U tablet???
  • Just what kind of touch is that touch screen?
  • What’s that black square on the underside of the tablet?

Rayman Legends Wii U trailer leaks, leaves as many questions as answers