With the reveal of Nintendo’s Wii successor (variously known as Project Café, Wii 2, and Stream) still one agonizing week away, I thought it would be fun to put together a rough model of what the system’s touch screen-equipped controller might look like and how it will feel.

This is a simple design based on what we know about the controller: that it’s got a 6 inch touch screen and standard face buttons. It helps that press sources have stated what is shown above is similar to the actual controller’s design. Of course, design specifics beyond those things remain a mystery. Never the less, with just these two clues, one thing is evident: Café’s controller will be a behemoth.

Fortunately, the model I present here is built to scale. You can download a PDF of it to print off, and build a Project Café controller at your convenience right here.

Putting the thing together is easy. Just trim the edges, fold the front and back down, making sure to leave the middle spacer portion alone to add a bit of thickness to the tablet-esque machination.

I’ve done one myself and placed it beside a bunch of familiar video-game related paraphernalia.

As you can see, the mock-up’s buttons, d-pad, and joysticks are roughly the size of similar components in other controllers.


But with its 6 inch screen, this thing is much larger overall.


It’s big.


Really big!


So big, in fact, that the 6 inch screen alone is nearly the size of one entire half of the 3DS clam shell.


Despite the size, I found the mock-up made sense in my hands. Provided Nintendo keeps this thing light enough, I could see the Café controller being at least as comfortable as a good handheld.

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Project Café Controller Mock-up