The Last Stoy

Image: The Last Story logo. Mistwalker.

Here’s a nicely delayed follow-up to my report a few days ago on the then-upcoming Nintendo Direct presentations.

As it turns out, little truly mind-meltingly new or megaton-esque was revealed.

North Americans did get the profoundly too-little too-late announcement that The Last Story will indeed be coming here. The acclaimed RPG will be out for Wii sometime in 2012, shortly after the April 6th release of Xenoblade Chronicles. The Last Story is the second of the three “Operation Rainfall” Wii games to get localized, with still no word on Pandora’s Tower.

The Japanese version of the Nintendo Direct presentation was a little more compelling. It was announced that Game Gear games will soon be hitting the 3DS’s Virtual Console. It was also revealed that a new game from Brain Training, uhh, brain trainer Dr. Kawashima is on the way, called Demon Training.

Source: NeoGAF

Oh right, The Last Story is coming to North America