Image: Ocarina of Time. Nintendo.

The best games demand to be replayed, and often, but that can be rather time consuming. Luckily, dedicated Ocarina of Time speed runners continue to find new ways to cut down on how long it takes to beat what is widely considered one of the best games ever made.

Unbelievably, the latest record clocks in at a miniscule 23 minutes and 29 seconds. This is achieved by glitching around Ocarina‘s first dungeon, Great Deku Tree, until the player can actually hop into the end-of-dungeon warp and transport immediately to the final boss fight of the game.

Just 16 minutes into the game, and still in young Link form, speed runner ZeldaFreakGlitcha can get himself to Ganon’s collapsing castle.

Most amazing of all, this trick was only discovered in the last few days, some 14 years after the game’s original release.

Source: Zelda Universe

Now you can beat Ocarina of Time in 23 minutes