Image: Super Mario World Japanese box art. Nintendo.

Get excited kids, Nintendo now owns the domain for

What could it mean? WHAT COULD IT MEAN?

The most likely explanation is that this will be the name of the upcoming 2D Mario side-scroller already announced for 3DS. Of course, Mario projects are surely in the works for Wii U, so it could turn up for that system too.

Whatever game gets slapped with the name, it appears that Nintendo is abandoning the New Super Mario Bros. branding that worked so well for Wii and DS.

Nintendo is infamously poor at keeping track of Mario’s numbering. There were two Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario World actually was Super Mario Bros. 4 in Japan. There’s never been a game simply called “Super Mario,” let alone three of them, but it appears obvious that Nintendo is making another attempt at cashing in on the nostalgia for the old Super Mario Bros. games.

Source: IGN

Nintendo registers domain for “Super Mario 4”