white Wii U

Image: White Wii U. Nintendo.

Just in time for E3, Nintendo appears to be getting ready to shake up the way the Wii U is sold.

About a week ago, we got news that a white version of the deluxe Wii U (you know, the one with 32GB of storage and a bunch of extra plastic) was headed to Japan.

Now, reports from retailers are surfacing, claiming that Nintendomination Nation is recalling basic Wii Us from North American store shelves.

Taken together, it looks pretty obvious that Nintendo is preparing to merge its two Wii U SKUs into one mightier and more powerful line. This would give consumers the choice of white consoles without having to struggle with less memory, less Nintendo Land, and less plastic.

What’s less clear, but entirely possible, is that we’re about to get our first price drop for the system. $50 seems likely, but a 3DS-style panic mode drop of $80-100, with Super-Duper-Embassador prizes is an amusing possibility.

As always, E3 can’t come soon enough…

Nintendo recalling basic Wii Us, product relaunch imminent