3DS Midnight Purple

Image: Nintendo.

Nikkei, which always seems to know Nintendo’s E3 hardware revelations in advance, reports that a jumbo-sized 3DS is on the way.

The paper claims Nintendo will announce a 3DS XL of sorts, with at least one of the screens being boosted to 1.5 times the current size. No word on whether the new model will be a true revision, or just a size upgrade. The new hardware could hit Japan, North America, and Europe as early as this summer.

Nikkei also expects the Wii U to run about 30,000 yen, although this sounds more like reasonable speculation than an indication of insider knowledge. Car navigation, book, and karaoke applications will also reportedly be available for Wii U.

Source: andriasang

Nikkei: 3DS XL on its way, possibly this summer