Metroid: Samus Returns Review (3DS)

After many, many years in hiatus, a proper Metroid game has finally surfaced on 3DS. Samus Returns is a brilliant reimagining of the GameBoy’s Metroid II, and a return to form for 2D Metroid games.

-first real Metroid game in since Prime 3 in 2007, and first 2D game since Zero Mission since 2004
-re-imagining of Metroid II on GameBoy, hunting 40 metroids
-adds counter attack and scan pulse abilities

-it’s a REAL Metroid game
-feeling of isolation, feels like Alien
-scan feature makes the game more accessible without compromising anything
-controls feel great until things get too hard

-feels unbalanced, new scan feature makes the exploration easier, but the bosses feel harder than ever
-looks great for a 3DS game, but I miss sprites