Xenoblade Chronicles

Image: Xenoblade Chronicles box art. Monolith Soft/Nintendo.

Wii’s graphical inferiority to its current-gen rivals is still setting off angry fanboy rants. Nintendo has demonstrated that after 6 years, it’s still the troll master.

Chris “Warcraft” Kluwe, punter for the Minnesota Vikings and writer for Game Informer, recently exclaimedXenoblade Chronicles makes me want to punch a kitten” following a play-through of the game he otherwise adored.

Chris claims Xenoblade “could have been this generation’s Final Fantasy VII,” that it had him “absorbed” in a way he hasn’t experienced since the SNES era. But of course, there’s something far more important than gameplay, and that’s life-ruining last-gen graphics. I’ll let Christ explain:

I for one am sick and tired of it. I’m tired of Nintendo having these awesome franchises and brilliant developers and shafting them with an absolute garbage can of a system. I’m tired of seeing Mario relegated to kitschy ideas because there’s no horsepower under the Wii’s hood; I’m tired of seeing Link fighting through the Temple of Brown Textures and Jagged Edges; I’m tired of seeing games like Xenoblade Chronicles, games with a world vision that dwarfs the imagination and fills the mind with awe-inspiring jaw dropitude, get thrown under the bus by Nintendo insisting on Grandma Waggle Party IV as its core demographic.

Rant Chris, rant! I wonder if Chris would be willing to go back and play the best games of last generation, or even those of the SNES era he seems so enamoured with, and tell us how he feels about those. Or even modern games on portables and smartphones, with their less-than-360 graphical prowess. Could this guy possibly stand any of it, or would we need to put all furry creatures in hiding?

Kittens on punching notice following Wii play session