Kaz Hirai is well known to video game enthusiast. He’s led Sony’s Computer Entertainment division since late 2006, and is responsible for the single most memorable moment in E3 history.

Now, he’s about to become the president of the entirety of Sony Corporation.

Kazuo, or “Kaz” as I like to call him, will be taking over from Howard String on April 1. String has overseen some much needed restructuring at Sony, but also many mind-detonating disasters, including the two month outage of PSN. Kaz inherits a massive but fragile organization.

Stringer has been in charge of Sony since 2005, but he has generally stayed out of the gaming public’s eye. E3 and other exec-heavy events have generally featured Kaz and SCEA president Jack Tretton. It will be an interesting, potentially amusing turn to see Sony’s topmost guy touting the company’s latest game products, assuming he keeps coming to such events. Riiiiiidge Racer!

Source: NY Times

Kaz “$599 US dollars” Hirai promoted to Sony’s president