Fuss cupcake

One of Fuss Cupcakes' creations.

As the whole world already knows, fans are beyond upset with the apparently few and meaningless endings of BioWare’s Mass Effect 3. So much so, that they’ve gone beyond the usual internet moaning and are protesting in a tasty new way.

An army of BioWare community members just ordered $1,005 worth of Edmonton’s own Fuss Cupcakes, to be delivered to their favourite game developer, also in Edmonton. In total, 402 cupcakes will be delivered, coming in three varieties: vanilla with green icing marked with an “A,” vanilla with blue icing marked with a “B,” and vanilla with red icing marked with a “C.”

Of course, it won’t matter which cupcake a BioWare employee chooses, they all taste the same. An homage of sorts to Mass Effect 3‘s endings.

There’s more to this story than gamers and the developers they love to hate, though. It’s also about gourmet cupcakes, and just how good they may or may not be.

I took a harrowing 10 minute walk in Edmonton’s unseasonably warm weather to experience Fuss Cupcakes first hand, and find out what kind of a treat the people of BioWare are in for.

I had a Cloud 9, which, according to Fuss’ website, is compromised of vanilla cake and “madagascar bourbon vanilla butter cream frosting.” Not quite the BioWare special, but close. It was pretty damn delicious, and made with some obvious talent, as the grainy cell phone pic accompanying this story can attest.

If I have one complaint, it’s that there was so much of the soft, sweet icing on my cake, that some inadvertently got on my face. I hate when food gets on my face.

In conclusion, BioWare should be excited for the supposed protest, but mindful of wiping sticky icing all over the keyboards needed to program Mass Effect 3 ending DLC.

Just how good are the Mass Effect 3 protest cupcakes?