I’m proud to introduce a new feature here at Splodinator.com, the Splodinator Recommends Amazon store.

Every game title that appears in each category of the store has been hand-picked by me. Sure, I make a little money from sales that go through the store, but my goal is to provide a useful service for game collectors and everyone looking for quality software by filtering out all the usual chaff.

Right now, you can browse for 3DS, GameCube, and Super Nintendo games, along with related hardware for each of those systems. Over time, I will create additional categories for other systems.

Think of each system’s “Games Worth Playing” as an expanded compliment to The Definitive 50 (or what would be the D50 for systems that don’t have one). In addition to the core group of 50 games, sequels, curiosities, and other games that didn’t or wouldn’t quite make the cut round out each list to 99. In the case of the 3DS, which is still very young, I’m no where near 99 yet, but the idea is to develop the list as the system’s library grows.

Introducing the New “Splodinator Recommends” Store