noobz poster

Image: noobz poster. Wunderkind.

As bad as movies based on video games generally are, movies about video games tend to be significantly worse. Grandma’s Boy and The Wizard stand as two of the worst, but a new contender has emerged.

Witness noobz. This upcoming film is about a team of uber-nerds who take a road trip to compete in a video game championship (wait, is this a remake of The Wizard?).

The cliché ridden, stereotype stuffed movie stars Jason Mewes, a game retail till jockey who convinces his bros to fight with him in the Gears of War 3 Gamecon Championship .

Also in the mix are cameos by Zelda Williams, Adam Sessler, and Starship Troopers‘ own Casper Van Dien. A lame parody of original gaming god Billy Mitchell also shows up.

To get a sense of how all this awful fits together, check out the official trailer right here.

Get ready to hate your hobby with “noobz” movie