Donkey kong Country Returns

Image: Donkey Kong Country Returns box art. Nintendo.

Game stores will take your pre-order money for just about anything, including unannounced titles and games that won’t come out for impossibly long periods of time (remember the yellowed Duke Nukem Forever receipts?).

Take EB, for example. Fans are reporting displays promoting pre-orders for the desperately far away Smash Bros. 3DS, and the unnanounced, maybe fabricated, Donkey Kong 3D.

Take this as the least reliable of rumours. Occasionally, retail listing coordinate with real things, but more often they only indicate out-of-touch retailers.

Still, the thought of another DK side-scroller, one absent Returns‘ painful control options, sounds like a great idea.

Source: My Nintendo News

EB wants your pre-order money for Donkey Kong 3D