Image: EA logo. EA.

EA might not have contributed to the worst financial downturn in several generations, but that didn’t stop an army of internet voters from choosing it over several “too big to fail” banks as the worst company in America.

The Consumerist just got done with its mighty 250,000 voter strong playoff to determine the worst company in the corporately-infested United States, and EA won out.

The reasons, as any gamer can tell you, are numerous. So numerous, in fact, that a person could confuse him or herself just trying to recall them all. Luckily, Cinemablend can lend a hand:

If you don’t know why, it’s not just over the Mass Effect 3 ending, it’s over Origin, it’s over Project $10, it’s over early server closings, it’s about DLC charity abuse, it’s over them gutting studios like Pandemic, Westwood, Origin Studios and Bright Light, it’s over the lawsuits, it’s over the nickel-and-diming with Day-1 DLC, and everything else in between.

Yeah, that’s why.

EA is officially the worst company in America