E3 2018 Nintendo Predictions

My predictions for Nintendo’s E3 2018:

-Super Smash Bros. Switch blowout
-Purple GameCube style Joycon
-Yoshi Switch blowout
-Retro’s new game – it really is a Starfox racing game
-Pokemon Switch – you know what, it’s all true, Pikachu/Eevee is real
-A 3DS interlude for a bunch of small download games no one cares about.
-Boring 3rd party stuff, see: Black Ops IIII rumours
-More Labo kits
-Metroid Prime 4 properly revealed, coming 2019
-Fire Emblem Switch debut and it’s….. not coming until 2019
S-o here’s a Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE port instead
-Ps. Intelligent Systems is also working on… Advance Wars
-Either PUBG or Fortnite, or both
-New Animal Crossing game this year, finally
-Next Level Games – reviving another dormant franchise
-After the success of Mario+Rabbids, Ubisoft is reviving Mario RPG
-In the meantime, here’s a Paper Mario Color Splash port
-The big Splatoon surprise is… a boring cross promotional thing
-Pikmin 4 is real
-Mario Odyssey DLC
-New Super Mario Bros. All-Stars
-Mario Party, I guess
-Mario Maker 2
-Addons to the online plan at an additional $1 a month/10 a year for SNES, N64, GB/GBA, GCN Switch games