E3 2014 Sony Conference Review

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E3 2014 Sony Conference:

Hosted by a whole ton of guys, every one of whom loved to talk.
-No clear focus
-Jumped from games, including lots of indie love, to hardware, to TV, back to games
-Nearly 2 hours – felt unending
-Numerous small tech issues, mostly with sound – exactly why Nintendo has gone to pre-recorded
-MS wins on pacing/presentation

The non-surprises:
-Opened with Destiny, repeatedly reminded that we’d be playing first on PS4 – looks like Halo
-Order 1886 trailer
-FarCry 4 shown
-Arkham Knight trailer
-Mortal Kombat X, goriest fatalities ever
-Last of Us Remastered is coming out July 29
-GTAV being ported to PS4, progress from PS3 and 360 can be imported

Actual fun:
-LBP3 announced, now with 3 more playable characters, controls still suck
-Bloodborne trailer, From Software developer, kicked off the grim and grisley theme of the show
-Dead Island 2 announced, amazing trailer, of course
-Grim Fandango remaster is on its way to PS4
-Let It Die, super gory, from Suda51
-highlight of the show was No Man’s Sky – procedurally generated exploration games, looks incredible, very unique art

Hardware talk:
-White PS4 announced, available in Destiny bundle
-Project Morpheus got its shoutout, demos will be on show floor
-talked uploading to YouTube, streaming on Twitch and uStream
-Vita was actually mentioned during a sizzle reel highlighting F2P games
-PSNow beta coming to PS4 on July 31 – PS3 and Vita later, also available on some Sony TVs as well
-Vita TV (PlayStation TV) finally announced for the west, $99
-Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was their “one more thing,” Drake looking eerily like Nathan Fillion at this point

Show highlight:
-Vib Ribbon, a game never released in NA, was chatted up like it was actually relevant

Score: 2.5/5

MS’s show wasn’t very exciting, but it was still a lot easier to watch. At this point, this thing is Nintendo’s to win if they actually bring some surprises tomorrow.