Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference will be held at 9AM Pacific Daylight Time on June 5, 2012. That’s 10AM for those of us chilling in the Mountain time zone. The event can be viewed live right on Nintendo’s site, but for those of you who prefer your news in bite-sized text format, I will be live blogging the whole thing right on this page. Until then, rock.

10:11 One more… NOOOO… one more walk through the theme park. You had me going for a second, Reg.

10:10 Reggie’s wrapping this thing up. How can this be it? How?

10:10 Reggie’s promoting Nintendo’s online presence again. I don’t care, Reggie!

10:09 Nintendo Land coming at Wii U launch this holiday.

10:08 Where is Iwata? Save us Iwata!

10:07 Eguchi likes going to theme parks. I don’t care.

10:05 And the demo just keeps going. Graaahhh, there are no words.

10:04 Looks like Miis will walk a Luigi’s Mansion Pac-Man map.

10:02 Eguchi saving additional details for Nintendo’s round-table later.

10:01 So this is what happened to all those tech demos shown last year. This your Wii Sports-esque mini game collection.

10:00 Includes 12 attractions: Zelda, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, Takamaru, Donkey Kong represented.

10:00 I guess it’s a Mii amusement park themed around Nintendo properties.

9:59 Reggie welcomes Eguchi to talk about whatever this is.

9:58 Reggie’s standing in “Nintendo Land.” Talking a virtual theme park. What’s he on about?

9:57 Ubisoft games ACIII, Rabbids, Your Shape, Rayman Legends, Sports Connection, Avengers shown.

9:56 Wii U controller lets you zombify yourself. Reggie can’t stop.

9:55 This is a concept video with minimal amounts of in-game footage shown. There are zombies, not much to say.

9:55 Now it’s time for Zombi U.

9:54 Reggie compares being the puppet master to runnnig NoA.

9:54 Gleek style dancers are out on stage while Reggie directs the action. So bad.

9:53 Uhhhhhgggg. Why???

9:52 Here’s someone named Xavier to talk Just Dance 4. Ugh.

9:51 Yves likes designing for Wii U, calls it a revolution.

9:50 Here’s Yves. Talking Zombi U, Rayman.

9:50 “Hardest of the core,” “newest of the noobies.” Reggie’s talking Ubisoft now.

9:49 Lego City Undercover also coming to 3DS. Still waiting for my hype to be warranted, Reggie…

9:48 I don’t care what anyone says. Lego City Undercover looks amazing.

9:48 Oh the Lego puns.

9:48 Looks impressive. Prince of Persia style platforming. Use GamePad to scan environments.

9:47 Reggie’s back. Now it’s time for Lego City on Wii U.

9:46 Castlevania, Epic Mickey, Scribblenauts Unlimited (I guess it’s for 3DS too), Kingdom Hears 3D shown.

9:45 Third party 3DS games in sizzle reel fashion.

9:44 Multiple houses, many new ghosts to catch. This holiday season.

9:44 And now it’s time for Mario’s little brother, Luigi!

9:43 And now it’s Paper Mario’s turn. Called Sticker Star. This holiday season.

9:42 NSMB 2 on August 19th.

9:42 This game is gold obsessed. Mario gets gold suits to generate tons of coins.

9:41 Aww snap, New Super Mario Bros. 2. “Clearly different,” I’m so sure.

9:40 Oh Scott, you are no Reggie. He’s promoting his 3DS show for tomorrow. An hour just for 3DS games.

9:39 And here’s Scott Moffitt to talk a little 3DS.


9:38 Ugh, Sing, from FreeStyle games. Use GamePad to read karaoke lyrics. Hearing Call Me Maybe. KILL MEEEE.

9:37 Performing music… oh no, what is it?

9:36 Nope, here’s the new peripheral, a step counter. “Fit Meter.”

9:36 GamePad integration gives you a screen on the floor. I guess this is the new peripheral.

9:35 Wii Fit U adds new peripheral.

9:34 Reggie talks balance board, “MY BODY WAS READY,” audience cheers.

9:33 Reggie’s talking music and fitness. Oh no.

9:32 Darksiders II, Mass Effect 3, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Aliens Colonial Marines shown in highlight reel.

9:31 Reggie’s having mic troubles. WB dude is leaving. Still looking for the hype…

9:30 Combine objects on the GamePad, share creations. New multiplayer mode.

9:30 So, four games so far? Still waiting for the onslaught.

9:29 Scribblenauts Unlimited announced for Wii U.

9:28 Strategically detonate explosives with GamePad.

9:27 Armored Edition to include BAT mode, used through GamePad for extra power.

9:25 Arkham City to have special version for Wii U: Armored Edition. And my stream is lagging.

9:24 Here’s WB’s Martin something something… Harley gave him a disturbing introduction.

9:24 Batman Arkham City first of 3rd party title shown. Now he’s talking to Harley Quinn.

9:23 Four players, plus fifth can use GamePad to give players items, improve speed run times.

9:23 Squirrel suits definitely different from Tanooki and Raccon suits. Let you glide. Yoshi’s feed-able, blow up like fatties.

9:22 Reggie’s showing the same screenshots of the game Iwata used in the Nintendo Direct, explaining Miiverse functionality.

9:21 New Super Mario Bros. U confirmed.

9:21 Reggie’s talking Mario. Here we go…

9:21 Check Miiverse from Nintendo devices, PCs, smartphones. We know, Reggie!

9:18 Miiverse re-explained. Game tiles represent global trends in gaming.

9:18 Infrared transceiver on top. Built-in camera and mic, stereo speakers, headphone jack, volume control, rumble.

9:17 Guided tour of GamePad: works with finger tip or stylus. Clickable sticks, various buttons explained.

9:16 Wii U will support two separate game pads. BOOM.

9:16 Asymmetric gameplay to be new disruptive gameplay style.

9:14 Reggie’s talking websites and social media accounts. Get on with it!

9:14 Reggie says gaming to be focus of show, Wii U’s entertainment functionality to be saved for later.

9:14 Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Video

9:13 Wii U does three things: changes gaming, socializing, and experiencing entertainment (according to Reggie).

9:12 23 Wii U titles on stage today. Wow.

9:11 Now it’s Reggie’s turn. Compares himself to a purple Pikmin. Poor Reggie.

9:10 Pikmin 3 playable on show floor. Miyamoto pulls a Pikmin out of his pocket Reggie style.

9:08 Pikmin 3 map always displayed on Wii U controller. Wii U enables greater strategy. Now four leaders in game, Olimar not among them. Why is a secret.

9:08 Bill just said “Titmin.”

9:07 Enhanced Wii U resolution allows for better detail. Pikmin can now build bridges. Rock Pikmin can broke brittle objects.

9:06 And here’s Pikmin 3!!

9:06 No need to power on your TV to weigh in on Wii Fit. Can play without taking over TV.

9:05 Wii U un-tethers console gaming from TV.

9:04 Wii U controller shown in black again. Multiple launch colours?

9:03 Miyamoto heads to the stage. This guy can act. Shiggy whistles for Bill Trinen, and he hops out in a Pikmin-esque fashion.

9:02 And the real show starts RIGHT NOW. Miyamoto is shown in his dressing room chilling with Pikmin.

9:01 “Triforce” image of Nintendo’s execs gets a mention.

9:00 Talking heads talking Miiverse and using Twitter. This isn’t relevant to my interests!

9:00 And here we go… with a couple Nintendo social media goons doing a pre-show.

E3 2012 Nintendo Conference Liveblog – Over