Sony’s E3 press conference will be held on June 6, 2011 at 5:00 P.M. PST. The company has the NGP scheduled for release at the end of 2011, so plenty on that can be expected, but what else?

Please enjoy the following 30-point list of what I expect from Sony’s conference. Note that although I divide these predictions up between the “very likely,” “likely,” and “nigh-impossible,” they are all my predictions. Being the impeccable prognosticator that I am, I expect them all to come true in just a few short weeks.

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Very Likely

  1. PSN downtime completely ignored
  2. NGP release date announced
  3. Little Big Planet NGP shown, playable on show floor
  4. Uncharted NGP shown, playable on show floor
  5. Wipeout NGP shown, playable on show floor
  6. Mass Effect 3 shown
  7. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception shown, playable on show floor
  8. Final Fantasy XIII-2 shown, not playable anywhere
  9. Final Fantasy Versus XIII vanishes
  10. Kaz Hirai is dreamy


  1. Quality of PSN touted without hint of irony
  2. NGP’s name is… PSP2
  3. Final Fantasy XV announced, FFXIV no where in sight
  4. Silence on Kingdom Hearts 3 is deafening
  5. Last Guardian is still on its way, they swear
  6. Promise that PSP still has some life in it
  7. PSP promoted with either Star Wars and/or something racially insensitive
  8. NGP price announced
  9. NGP is $300+
  10. Kevin Butler battles real-life doppelganger Jack Tretton to the simulated death in a game demo.


  1. Meaningless NGP hardware stats shown, put audience to sleep
  2. Meaningless PSP sales stats from Japan shown, impress no one
  3. Arbitrarily hired celebrity demonstrates game awkwardly
  4. Bungie’s new game is demoed for PS3 (suck it, Microsoft)
  5. PS4 hinted at
  6. PS4 announced for 2013
  7. PS4 is two PS3s duct-taped together with Move thrown in
  8. Use of NGP and/or PSP as PS3 controllers sloppily demonstrated, Sony calls it innovation (don’t let Nintendo’s conference the following day fool you)
  9. Everyone pretends Move doesn’t exist
  10. Kevin Butler actually battles Jack Tretton to the death.

E3 2011: Predictions for Sony’s Conference