It’s not often I get to talk about celebrities on Splodinator, unless you include Reggie and his famous body. Every once in a great while though, heroes and legends like Michael Cera and Jon Heder do things vaguely related to gaming.

That was the case just one week ago when Cera and Heder, along with Spike Lee, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lil Jon, and a bunch of other people you’ve never heard of attended the Nintendo Experience at Sundance 2012.

The celebs touched the not-that-new device and mugged for cameras, some of them might have even pretended to play some games.

The true star of the event was living hotness god Christina Hendricks. She went so far as to make actual physical contact with a Coral Pink 3DS.

Hendricks we know is no gamer. She admitted that in an interview some time ago. Her nerd husband is, however, and he was on-hand for the Nintendo Experience as well.

Check out the madness in photographic form here.

Christina Hendricks touches a 3DS