Image: Dan Hsu.

Dan “Shoe” Hsu of Bitmob and EGM fame reports that a chunk of the first print run of Resident Evil Revelations sports an unsightly but oh-so-amusing typo.

That’s right, on February 7th, some lucky 3DS owners will get their hands on “Resident Evil Revelaitons.”

This latest Capcom box art mishap joins numerous other classics from the company, including the sale of 360 games as “XBOX” titles, borrowing their own art assets from IGN, and failure to mark Wii games as just that.

In even more absurd territory, the internet is alight with amusement over Resident Evil 6‘s, uhh, “6.” Have a look:

Image: Resident Evil 6. Capcom.

That’s a two-legged giraffe on the left and, well, a very open minded girl on the right helping him out.

Capcom can’t get Resident Evil names or logos right