Blast Corps Review – Definitive 50 N64 Game #22

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I feel like blasting something!

So here’s the story – some advanced nuclear missiles are being transported to a location to be safely disposed of. Except the missiles start leaking, which triggers the transport vehicle’s entirely foolproof and totally logical failsafe, locking into a direct, unstoppable course for the disposal site. Obviously, there’s a whole world between the vehicle and its destination. Also, any minor impact would cause these missile to not only explode, but actually bring about a nuclear winter.

The Blast Corps demolition company must be brought in to save the day, and humanity, from total annihilation. When nuclear winter is on the line, well, not much else matters. You can feel guilt free blasting and smashing across the world, clearing a path for this vehicle.

There’s plenty in the way. And thankfully, plenty to smash it with. Everything from the humble Ram Dozer bulldozer to the splendorous J-Bomb mech is available. In each level, you’ve got to figure out how to make way for the approaching transport, and by any means necessary with the vehicles you’re given.

Arrows indicate which buildings stand in the path of the transport, and they move from green to yellow, to red as the vehicle draws nearer. All the fun comes from frantically smashing into the oncoming buildings using the available vehicles before it’s too late! More than that – levels often demand you switch vehicles or arrange other objects in order to see the transport make it safely through.

Bonus levels with time-limited objectives also pop-up between carrier levels. These usually have you racing around a course, trying to smash a certain number of buildings, or completing some other task within a set time restriction.

Blast Corps’ strength is not only in its unique gameplay, but also its extreme replayability. You can go back to carrier missions to clear out remaining structures and activate “radiation dispersal units,” which are really just small lights that activate when you approach them. Yet more medals can be earned by achieving short completion times.

Medals are worth a certain number of points as well, and the more you collect, the higher up the chain o’ command you’ll be promoted. All the way from your humble beginnings as a Rookie Wrecker up to such prestigious positions as Commanding Desolator and Single Minded Chaosmonger. There’s not a lot of point to it all, except raw fun.

And that’s it. Blast Corps is beautifully simple. It’s all about the addictive nature of smashing your way through every manner of obstacle – not as a villain – but as a hero, getting your aggression out and saving the planet in the process.

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