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Splodinator.com is your obsessive source for news coming from E3 2012. We will be live blogging all three of the big conferences right on the site and through our Twitter account beginning Monday morning. Up-to-the-minute news posts and features will be busting up and down the site throughout the event. Keep tabs on the front page and our E3 2012 hub for all the latest.

For Splodinator’s own expectations of what will be going down this year, have a listen to our Preview and Predictions podcast. You can also get a saner edition of our predictions in text form for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

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If all of that isn’t quite enough to keep you going until the conferences start, review the most memorable moments of E3s past with our two-part feature on the subject here and here.

Batten down the hatches: E3 2012 is nigh