9.13.2018 Nintendo Direct Reaction – Luigi’s Mansion 3!

Nintendo just put another Direct covering a ton of games for Switch and 3DS coming out in 2018 and 2019!

Topics discussed:
-Luigi’s Mansion 3
-3DS section – Kirby’s EXTRA Epic Yarn, Bowser’s Inside Story, Luigi’s Mansion, Yokai Watch
-Splatoon 2 update
-Mega Man 11
-Mario Tennis Aces updates – Birdo, Shy Guy, Paratroopa, Petey Pirahna.
-Capcom beat-em-up collection
-NSMBU/Luigi U Switch port
-Katamri Damacy port!
-paid online
-Pokemon Let’s Go
-Diablo III
-Super Mario Party
-GameFreak’s “Town (working title)”
-Cities Skylines port
-Daemon X Machina
-Yoshi’s Crafted World
-Asmodee Digital board games
-Civilization VI
-Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC
-Final Fantasy blowout
-Isabelle in Smash!
-New Animal Crossing Switch game in 2019