3DS Midnight Purple

Image: Nintendo.

Nintendo is finally getting back to its roots with the 3DS and offering the world the system in purple, officially, “Midnight Purple.” Of course, purple is the same noble colour scheme that saw us through the SNES, GameBoy Advance, and GameCube.

Meanwhile, Japan is actually losing a 3DS colour. Nintendo will be phasing out launch colour Aqua Blue. Cobalt Blue has seemingly made Aqua redundant.

Also, beginning May 20th, the DSi and DSiXL are getting cheaper. The DSi drops from $150 down to $100 (or $99.99, if you prefer to have psychological games played on you). The XL is going from $170 to $130 ($129.99). Sadly, there is no more DS Lite for Nintendo to drop the price on. In my dreams, it would be $30 by now, and everyone on Earth would own at least seven.

Midnight Purple beauty shots follow.

3DS and DS hardware bonanza: Midnight Purple in, Aqua Blue out, DSi/XL get cheaper