2019 Nintendo Predictions!

I’m finally back! Just in time to make my predictions for Nintendo in 2019. Plus a review of my Nintendo predictions from last year, where I actually did alright, for once.

2019 Predictions:

January Direct:

  • on January 11, to coincide with release of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
  • this one will NOT be a mini, will outline a bigger year for Switch than last year
  • will feature Yoshi, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Bayonetta 3
  • no Metroid Prime 4 or Pokemon 2019 yet, saving those for later
  • rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy announced
  • rumoured Skyward Sword remake announced, and controls won’t suck

E3 2019:

  • as rumoured, new Switch model announced
    • called something better than “New Switch,” probably Switch XL
    • to be sold alongside current Switch at its price, current model will get price drop
    • more powerful hardware
    • Same physical dimensions but less bezel so the screen is still bigger, and 1080p
    • Some games will get resolution and other graphics patches
  • Metroid Prime 4 debut, November launch
    • better graphics on “New” Switch

Other games:

  • Wii U ports other than NSMB U Deluxe:
    • Pikmin 3, plus a Pikmin 4 announcement
    • Mario 3D World port to alternate 2D/3D games – no Mario Maker sequel yet
  • Square-Enix will remember FFVIII exists and throw that into their list of Final Fantasy ports
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake will be announced as a “New” Switch exclusive
  • Retro gave up on making something original and is actually doing DKCR3 after all
  • a new 2D Zelda game for Switch like LttP and ALBW
  • as announced, Pokemon 2019 games will be “real” next gen games
    • catching mechanism will be closer to Let’s Go games, no motion controls though
    • will use Pokemon Bank, Let’s Go games will also be patched to use Pokemon Bank

Other stuff:

  • 3DS releases are DONE after 2019, since there will finally be a budget Switch option
    • last few announced games trickling out in 2019 – Bowser’s Inside Story, Kirby’s Epic Yarn
    • no more first party 3DS releases by 2020
  • No Classic/mini consoles
    • they’ll say just play what’s on NES Switch Online service
    • selection will still be limited to NES games