Radio Splode 82: Wii Sports Club Announced and Star Fox Not

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It’s been a huge couple of weeks for the industry! Of course, our leading story this episode of the death Nintendo’s long time president, Hiroshi Yamauchi. After that, we get into Wii Fit U, Wii Sports Club, Sega’s acquisition of Atlus, the Vita TV, Mighty No.9, Star Fox’s uncertain future, and much much more!

Hiroshi Yamauchi dies at 85 – 1:05
Wii Fit U re-announced – 3:31
Wii Sports Club announced – 5:40
Nintendo’s account system – 10:06
SEGA Sammy acquires Atlus – 14:44
New Vita model announced – 16:21
PS Vita TV Announced – 18:09
Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter – 21:23
Hideki Kamiya & make Star Fox – 26:16