SSX 3 Review – Definitive 50 GameCube Game #43

The series so far: The Definitive 50 GameCube Games.

There’s no doubt the SSX series represents the finest in extreme sports on the GameCube. It was not a tough decision to include the series in this list, only to choose which of its three GameCube entries most deserved a spot.

The series first entry on the Cube was SSX Tricky, a competent game, but lacking in comparison to its PS2 iteration. The third SSX GameCube game was On Tour, which continued the strong fundamentals of its series, but seemed more interested in its own style than in gameplay innovation. On Tour does get bonus points for including playable Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach characters.

Of course, snowboard fans and collectors should pick up all three, but we’ve only got room for one on this list: which makes SSX 3, arguable this series “peak,” Definitive 50 GameCube game #43.

SSX 3 is a way of life. Jumping into the game transports you to a perfect world of huge air, insane tricks, bad-ittitudinal boarders, and breathtaking views.

You can freely roam across the game’s peaks to pick up money and other collectibles, or hop in to numerous races and other challenges. The sheer volume of activities to perform in SSX 3 is astounding, and could keep a dedicated player occupied for countless hours.

SSX 3‘s well honed trick system coupled with its spectacular visuals and pumping rock soundtrack provide players with an engrossing snowboard world which demands to not just be played, but to be lived in.