DDR Mario Mix Review – Definitive 50 GameCube Game #40

The series so far: The Definitive 50 GameCube Games.

40th place on the list of Definitive 50 GameCube games is DDR Mario Mix. This game features another incredible GameCube accessory, the dance pad.

Okay, I know soft dance pads have been made for tons of systems, even generic ones for the GameCube, but the one that came with this game is the only one to feature Mario’s powerfully evocative silhouette. This is a great item for collectors.

Mario’s gotten his share of spin-offs over the years. Kart racers, action RPGs, mini game collections, and sports games of all varieties. I never thought I’d see the portly plumber bust a move in DDR, though.

Somehow , Nintendo and Konami agreed to come together to give us Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix.

At the title’s core is the fairly familiar DDR gameplay. Players step on four large arrows which appear on the mat in combinations and in time to the music.

That’s not to discredit Mario’s contributions to the game, however.

Of course, the music largely consist of classic Mario tunes remixed to provide the thumping beats practically required to play. A few classical tunes are also included to round out the line-up.

Sadly, “Do the Mario” is not included, even though I emailed Konami during development demanding its inclusion.

The spice of Mario can also be found sprinkled into the gameplay itself. Mario-inspired enemies and items can wreak havoc with otherwise peaceful arrow-stomping sessions. Mario mini games which take advantage of the control device also appear, to great amusement.

Even the plot of the title (yes, there is one) is lovably Mario-ed up. Waluigi has stolen wish-granting Music Keys which Mario must recover by dancing his way across the Mushroom Kingdom.

DDR Mario Mix is hilarious, lighthearted, ridiculous, and simply fun. The appeal of the of the combination of the two mega franchises is irresistible.