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Radio Splode Episode 10: Xenoblade Chronicles and SOPA Erases

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[powerpress] Listen via iTunes Radio Splode is back and better than ever! Have a listen to Newbs, sulci, Weskimo, and special guest MerrGe tackle the big issues of the day. Relevant Articles: NEWS OF THE MILLE...

Nintendo, Fix Your Devolpment Cycles

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Based on the article It’s Time Nintendo Got A Hold of Its Dev Cycles.

Radio Splode Episode 6: GTA V and International Finance

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[powerpress] Listen via iTunes Weskimo, sulci, and Newbs are back at it in this episode of Radio Splode. Join your hosts for rousing discussions of GTA V, Nintendo's financial woes, PS1 hidden gems, and the forthc...

Operation Rainfall fights on, even as Nintendo ignores please

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Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime supposedly took over his division's Twitter account on Friday to unleash unbridled chestnuts like "#Regginator – Pretty excited about #HuluPlus coming to Nintendo @3DS ...

Operation Rainfall barrels on, readies Phase Two

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Operation Rainfall, the movement to convince Nintendo of America to localize Japan/Europe only Wii games Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower, is upping the ante. Xenoblade Chronicles is releas...

Nintendo of Europe adds insult to injury, will localize Pandora’s Tower

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Nintendo of America may have no intention of bringing the "big three" Nintendo developed and/or published Japanese Wii titles (Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower) to hungry North American game...

Nintendo denies fan demands, but the dream shall never die

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After about a week of furious campaigning by North American Wii fans for the release of Japan and/or Europe only games, Nintendo has responded: "naw." More specifically: Thank you for your enthusiasm. We promised a...

Breaking: Nintendo acknowledges fan outcry

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After several days of unprecedented rage leveled at Nintendo from its biggest fans, the company has finally responded, a little. Following the lack of Wii news to come out of E3 2011, a growing frustration at Ninte...

Europe getting The Last Story for Wii, North America still not getting Xenoblade

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Nintendo France has confirmed that not only will Europe be getting the Nintendo-developed and critically acclaimed RPG Xenoblade Chronicles (unlike North America), the region will also be getting the Nintendo-publi...

Monolith Soft working on Wii U game, North Americans get ready for disappointment

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First party Nintendo developer Monolith Soft is hard at work on a new game for the Wii U (that North Americans will probably never get to play). No word on just what the company has up its figurative sleeves, but j...

Convince Nintendo you want Xenoblade Chronicles, pre-order on Amazon

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The fan campaign to convince Nintendo of America to localize Wii games Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower marches on. The latest tactic is to boost Xenoblade Chronicles to first on Amazon.com...

Nintendo fans mobilize while Xenoblade looks even less likely for North American release

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According to a manager at Nintendo of Europe's French division, the Wii exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles wasn't shown at E3 2011 because Nintendo of America didn't want to promote a game they weren't planning on selli...