Live-Action Plot: It’s 2012 and Nintendo still hasn’t figured out the internet, but the company’s mustachioed mascot had it down way back in 1989. In this episode, Mario has found himself a “computer date” using the power of lies and exaggeration. Apparently all of this was a thing, even back then.

It turns out Mario’s new woman is not who he expected either, however. In fact, she’s an alien robot who can turn on light bulbs by touching them and remove her own body parts without apparent negative effect.

The two hit it off despite the odds, but “E.C. the Extra Creepy” is forced to leave her man when her species/creators/whatever decide Brooklyn cannot sustain quality life and recall her.

Very Special Guest: E.C. the Extra Creepy is played by Clare Carey, an actor who has appeared in all manner of terrible television and film. Back when this episode aired, she was starring in Coach. She’s gone on to pop up in quality work like Home Alone 4.

Animated Plot: Mario and team are traveling across the desert to meet with a batch of rebel Toads who are under attack by a punked-out Koopa. It seems the world has almost run out of pasta sauce, and it is Koopa’s dream to control what remains.

Perhaps as an explanation for the pasta sauce shortage, anything that looks edible in this episode actually explodes. The Toads chuck vegetables as explosive weapons, and Koopa’s troops return fire with explosive eggs fired by Birdos.

Horrible Stereotype Alert: After defeating Koopa, Mario finally has some alone time with a tanker truck of pasta sauce. He claims he needs the sauce after weeks of dry pasta and opens up a valve. Sauce sprays violently into Mario’s mouth and he greedily guzzles it.

1×16 E.C. the Extra Creepy/Toad Warriors – Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Episode Guide