This episode is entitled “Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up!” which was apparently a thing before Eminem.

Live-Action Plot: Mario and Luigi are getting ready to compete in this year’s Elvis impersonator competition at Plumber’s Hall. The two begin by butchering a couple of Elvis parody songs in cartoonish Elvis-esque costumes before the real Elvis shows up to train them.

During a performance from Mario, the camera tilts up at him to expose the studio lights of the show. This might make sense if you accept that the lights are only there in Mario’s head, but then you would think he would have mentally given himself a real microphone. Perhaps the ever-broke Marios throw all their money away on expensive professional lighting out of some desperate vanity.

Very Special Guest: This week features another real-but-dead celebrity guest, Elvis Presley. As you would expect, all the same lame Elvis references and gags are made that are always made, and a generally torturous time is had.

Animated Plot: The perpetually lost Mario and Luigi head to the land of Rotunda along with Princess Toadstool and royal servant Toad, who have seemingly long abandoned interest in maintaining the Mushroom Kingdom. The crew start picking wild-growing hot peppers when they are arrested for stealing the queen’s food. Of course, this being “Rotunda,” stealing food from the voluminous queen is an especially grave offense.

Queen Rotunda ends up drinking a love potion in front of Mario, and so she immediately falls for him. Rotunda defines love as total and utter control over her man-subject, and attempts force Mario into marriage.

Horrible Stereotype Alert: This episode surely features the highest concentration of fat jokes of any Super Show! I’ve covered so far. The entire animated plot revolves around fatness, and lame jabs at chubbiness are made at every turn, even at the expense of plot consistency.

Rotunda’s Shy Guys refer to her as “your hugeness” as a formality, but then she turns around and calls Mario “jelly belly” as an insult. Once Rotunda falls for Mario, he’s “chubby prince charming,” as if his fatness is suddenly a plus. Then Mario’s size is a negative again when Rotunda forces him on to a treadmill ahead of their wedding.

1×09 Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up!/Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em – Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Episode Guide