PS Vita

Image: PlayStation Vita. Sony.

Remember when everyone went nuts over the announcement of PS Vita’s $249 price point? That seemed like such a good deal for the tech inside! Oh how things have changed just a couple months later.

Following Nintendo’s decision to cut the struggling 3DS’s price a whopping $80 and the sudden rise of smartphones, analysts are now suggesting the Vita needs to launch even cheaper.

The state of the handheld market has led consumers to expect the Vita’s price to be cut, which is putting Sony in a tough position. Hideki Yasuda of Ace Securities Co. says “Sony is under major pressure to cut the price of the Vita or risk a major failure.”

Sony’s not a fan of that idea and says it will stick with the previously announced price.

The 3DS/Vita handheld generation is turning into a bloodbath. It’s looking increasingly likely that Nintendo and Sony will be fighting over a dramatically smaller market in which they struggle just to stay relevant.

Source: Bloomberg

Sony resists pressure to lower Vita price