Sonic Generations

Image: Sonic Generations. Sega.

Sega marketing executive Alan Pritchard recently stated “The Wii U is coming out next spring/summer.” In other words, some time between May and August of 2012.

That’s a much more exact time period than Nintendo’s official line of “2012.” Estimates thus far have pegged the Wii U at arriving sometime between mid and late 2012.

Seeing as how it’s some guy at Sega saying this, and not the word of Nintendo’s triad of power (Iwata/Miyamoto/Reggie), leaves me to wonder how credible the claim really is. Still, I can dream.

By the way, some form of HD Sonic is coming to Wii U. As for when that will be, I guess that’s up to some unknown Namco employee to say.

Some guy who works at Sega says the Wii U is coming out next spring or summer