RE: Nintendo 2DS and Wii U price drop

Nintendo 2DS melts faces world-wide with shock and disbelief! That’s the big story today, with Nintendo announcing that a 2D-only 3DS is on its way. This seems to be in the vein of the Wii Mini… Something simplified for the super-young audience, who might have been unable to use the 3DS due to concerns over the 3D.

But… why, WHY, not use the same or similar form factor of the existing 3DS/XL? Losing 3D and stripping $40 off the price of the existing model could have been a sales boon.

Instead, Nintendo has constructed a hideous and awkward wedge that anyone of any age should be embarrassed to carry

The long-awaited Wii U price drop is also real. As of September 20, the Deluxe Wii U will only run $299.99. The Basic model has been discontinued as well. You can get the cheaper Deluxe with either NintendoLand or a digital version of Wind Waker HD alongside a digital copy of Hyrule Historia. Meanwhile, the physical release of Wind Waker HD isn’t happening until October 4.