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Well the Wii U is just a few days away from its North American launch, but Splodinator isn’t quite done with the past. This week, Radio Splode celebrates 50 glorious episodes with a brain frying (almost) 2-hour spectacular all about the Nintendo GameCube.

Join Newbs, sulci, Weskimo, and MerrGe as we talk about the little purple lunchbox that could. In this episode specifically:

0:00 – 1:10 – Our favourite GameCube games, with Newbs, Weskimo, and MerrGe
1:10 – 1:23 – Definitive 50 GameCube Games viewer feedback, with sulci and Newbs
1:23 – 1:46 – GameCube’s themes, quirks, and hardware, with Newbs and Weskimo

Special thanks to all those who have contributed to the show over the past 50 episodes, and of course, THANKS FOR LISTENING. With the dawn of next gen nearly here, the inevitable New Year’s predictions fast approaching, and many E3s to go, everyone at Radio Splode is pumped and ready to go for many more episodes.

Radio Splode 50: GameCube Spectacular