Michael Pachter

Image: Michael Pachter from Pach-Attack! episode 101.

Michael “Attack” Pachter, renowned video game analyst, is back with another rousing round of fantastical make believe regarding everyone’s favourite doomed company, the eternally failing Nintendo.

Pachter thinks “Nintendo is in disarray.” In fact, he says “I think they’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be.” Yep, nothing like not telling people the price a year before launch to doom your console. Of course, it makes sense that a doomed company would released doomed products, especially one as doomed as Nintendo.

It gets worse. That price Nintendo refuses to announce is inevitably going to be $249 anyway, says Pachter, and the 360 with Kinect will be less than that by launch time. Again, checks out. It makes sense that the price of previous gen consoles would doom future consoles. That’s why no one has bought a Wii, 360, or PS3, the PS2 is still way cheaper.

One more prediction from the Pachmaster General: he thinks Wii U will come without a hard drive, while the PS4 and 720 will come with 4GB ones. Why he thinks new machines will come with dramatically less storage than those already available remains a mystery.

Source: GamerLive.TV

Pachter explains it all: “Nintendo is in disarray”