Nintendo NX, Zelda NX Info Leaked

Big leak that first appeared on NeoGAF by user Trevelyan9999 included 3DS’ 2016 lineup and NX details

-essentially confirmed with the Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement

-leak listed “Pokemon Niji” for holiday 2016, and that codename was confirmed with some digging into the file names for the new games appearing on the official Pokemon website

-Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming to 3DS this holiday season. Appears to be new “gen,” although that’s not certain.

-They also announced that Pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow, now available on 3DS VC, can be moved to the new games via Pokebank.

-NX coming holiday 2016 along with Zelda NX
-3DS release list 2016 includes
–Code Name: “Caviar F”
–Code name: “Torte City”
–Code name: “Cadillac”
–Pokémon “Niji”

What does it all mean?
-some form of NX this year. Handheld, home console, or both?
-new gen Pokemon doesn’t necessarily mean that the NX handheld won’t be coming this year. Remember, Black/White came out around the same time as the 3DS, and Black2/White2 even after that
-because no actual Sun/Moon footage was shown, these games may actually be cross-compatible or cross-gen

-Check out Trevelyan9999’s YouTube channel: