Nintendo NX Predictions (Hopes and Dreams)

My NX Predictions:
-NX is a shared platform, handheld and console to start
-games will be playable across devices, games will come on small DS-style cartridges, no disk drive
-neither device will be backwards compatible with physical games or controllers/accessories, it’s all a fresh start
-NNID will be replaced by Nintendo Account and My Nintendo
-Nintendo Account will allow digital purchases and cloud saves to flow between mobile, handheld, and home console
-setting up your Nintendo Account with your NNID and logging in with that will allow your Virtual Console purchases to carry forward, other digital purchases will not

-handheld will be single capacitive Sharp free-form display, but chop off the extras and it’s 540p
-ignore that stupid survey, console will be 1080p
-console will be PS4-power level, with handheld scaled down from that
-due to cartridge size limitations, high rez texture packs can be downloaded on home console to improve appearance there

-aside from the touch screen, controls will be identical across both devices: two control sticks above, d-pad and four buttons below, shoulder buttons will use scroll wheels, and shoulder triggers will be analogue
-handheld can be paired with console for WiiU-like experiences like Mario Maker
-handheld and console will launch together in November 2016 at $199 and $299, plus there will be a discount bundle
-NX name will not be used, but neither will DS or Wii, I think the name “Nintendo” will be prominent

-Smash port will be a launch title, will be “gold edition” of WiiU version with all DLC, stages and modes from 3DS, a few new characters, and promise of new DLC
-Pikmin 4, rumoured new Paper Mario also at launch
-Mario Galaxy 3, Zelda WiiU cross-gen also launch titles
-other first year games will be Splatoon 2 and a Mario Maker port that requires the handheld to make levels
-Square Enix’s Dragon Quest X and XI will become official
-just the beginning of Square’s support, with FF coming
-basically, all of Nintendo’s usual handheld 3rd party supporters will be on-board

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