We’re just two days away from Nintendo’s E3 conference, and rumoured names of the company’s new console are pouring in.

One that’s been floated before and cropped up again today is “Beem.” Apparently, someone has bought up about every domain that includes the words “Nintendo” and “Beem.” Just to diffuse your excitement before you get too hyped, I should tell you most of those have gone to a guy who made a Wii 2 mock-up labeled “Beem.” The domain Beem.com was reportedly purchased January 31 for $136,000 dollars though, so that could be something.

Game Informer claims that the name they’ve been hearing buzzed about is simply “Nintendo.” No proof offered, but an intriguing possibility.

Of course, the Wii successor’s development name is Project Café, but that’s obviously not going to be the system’s final name. “Stream” and “Feel” have been two of the more popular rumoured monikers.

“Nintendo” and “Beem” rumoured as Project Café names